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Space Time Records


Space Time Records was founded by Xavier Felgeyrolles in 1995, and the first album was released September 1996.The label was born in the back of a piano store from an improvised “after hours” piano solo of Donald Brown, which became the first album to be released on Space Time Records: “Piano Short Stories”. However this is not exactly where and when this great adventure started… In fact, the first meeting between Donald Brown & Xavier Felgeyrolles occurred in 1989 and the idea of a musical and publishing collaboration was unconsciously retained to the back of their minds –until that evening of piano, jazz and friendship. Since then, Space Time Records has released many albums starring Donald Brown, prized by critics and large audiences all over the world. Around the same time, mid 90’s, the late Walter H. Squindo, a great fan of the Memphis jazz pianists, joined the label and brought a couple of unreleased recordings produced by the pianist James Williams together with the legendary pianist Charles Thomas and the great drummer Alan Dawson (the only album recorded under his name). Around the same time, next to Donald Brown, the trumpeter & arranger Bill Mobley became another pillar of the label with his big band recording “Live at Small’s” with “Bill Mobley Orchestra” (1998) and many more. Over the last 20 years Space Time Records has released some very unique and rare albums with great multi national jazz musicians from several generations and from different countries. The label has always campaigned for and been committed to tradition and all those who created the language of jazz, and remains open to new talents and new adventures.